Eugene Pogany Sculpture

Wood sculpture, metal and mixed media assemblage, collage

Eugene Pogany


As a psychologist and writer, I am drawn to underlying and undeveloped themes in people’s lives and seek to help fashion those themes into coherent and meaningful narratives.  So, too, visually, I have long tried to create or simply elaborate evocative patterns that I see in wood, in the detritus of nature and the refuse of industrial waste strewn along roadsides or picked up in junkyards.

I am technically untrained, have done occasional plaster and wood sculpture over the years and, in the past several years, have taken more seriously to wood carving and to wood, metal and mixed media assemblage, as well as to collage with found objects.  I would generally describe my work as probing, metaphysical and, at times, whimsically macabre, or just whimsical.

In recent years, I have exhibited at several open studios in the Boston area and was selected to exhibit at the Nearby Gallery’s Newton Community Exhibition in August 2021.  Since the May 2022 Newton Open Studios, all profits from sales have been donated to Ukraine relief and will continue to be for the foreseeable future.  If interested, please use the Contact page to inquire about pricing or to leave feedback.

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